Thursday, April 17, 2014


MovieBoozer Columns! Virtual Pub 68: God’s not dead, he’s Resting…


This God is no more! He has ceased to be! He’s expired and gone to meet his maker!  He’s a stiff! Bereft of life, he rests in peace! If you ... Read More »

The 15th Annual Havana Film Festival New York

Editor's Podcast

By: Rob Perez - Recently completing its fifteenth year, the Havana Film Festival New York (HFFNY) once again showcased the latest award-winning films by prominent and emerging cinema visionaries as well as ... Read More »

The Felix-Ripjaw Debate: Cast Of X-Men Arrested By Timecop At Dragon Blow Job Bonanza!!


I frequently pull things out of my ass; these debates, bad ideas, fashion trends from the 90’s (FUCK YOU GUYS THE SIDE PONYTAIL IS COMING BACK), Hawk’s last girlfriend, etc. ... Read More »

‘Captain America’ Outdraws ‘Rio 2′


By: Matt Conway -  After winning last weekend with ease, everyone’s favorite American superhero faced his toughest challenger yet, and was able to still come out on top.  Captain America: ... Read More »

The Flask Picture Show Ep1: El Dorado (2012)


The Flask Picture Show is a video series which explores Z-Grade movies, one swig at a time. The infamous British “movie” El Dorado is like The Blues Brothers meets Reservoir Dogs, meets ... Read More »

Grave (and Cradle) Robbin’ With the Stars!


By: Henry J. Fromage – It’s been awhile since Sean Penn’s directed a film, but his next one sounds like it could put him right back on the Oscar radar ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: Draft Day, Oculus, & Rio 2


By: Hawk Ripjaw - Draft Day Draft Day is like a perfect storm of things you don’t want to see in a movie.  The Cleveland Browns, Ivan “Please Don’t Look at My ... Read More »

Box Office Preview: ‘Rio’ To Battle ‘Captain America’ For First

draft rio

By: Matt Conway -  After Captain America: The Winter Soldier stormed into first, a trio of new releases look to make an effort to dethrone the heroic Captain America.  The new release ... Read More » Virtual Pub 67: Captain America punches out Noah, and other Blasphemies!

Editor's Podcast

We talk the latest films, including a revisit to last week’s “Noah” debate And we had technical difficulties, so here’s Part 2: Read More »

Death Wish (a film series review)


By: Oberst Von Berauscht - For those uninitiated; Death Wish tells the story of Paul Kersey (Bronson) a mild-mannered architect whose life is thrown into tragedy when he comes home one ... Read More »