Friday, October 24, 2014


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Trailer Reviews: John Wick, Ouija, & St. Vincent


By: Henry J. Fromage – I’m taking over for Chris this week, and at the moment am hanging out in a Bucharest airport after nearly 24 hours without sleep, on my way ... Read More »

Box Office Preview: ‘Ouija’, ‘John Wick’ Battle for First


By: Matt Conway –  After a relatively quiet outing last week, this mid-October weekend looks to have the potential to surprise, with two new releases especially gaining a lot of steam ... Read More »

The Felix-Ripjaw Debate: Iron Man Gets DC Handy At My Little Pony Pool Party!!


Some random saw me unbutton my pants to get comfortable before eating. He’s dead now but that Subway sandwich was DELICIOUS. Though I digress. Welcome back to the fifty-sixth Felix-Ripjaw ... Read More »

‘Fury’ Leads Quiet October Weekend

Brad Pitt;Shia LaBeouf;Logan Lerman;Michael Pena

By: Matt Conway –  Even with three new releases, this turned out to be a relatively quiet weekend, with one new release leading with somewhat mixed results. Opening in first ... Read More »

The Cast Of American Dad At New York Comic Con 2014


Movieboozer had the awesome opportunity to sit down with the voices behind Francine, Hayley, Steve Smith, and Klaus from the TBS animated series, American Dad. After nine years on FOX, ... Read More »

Respected Directors, Serious Subjects, and Chinese Ghosts or Some Shit


By: Henry J. Fromage – George Clooney’s status as an Oscar shoo-in director definitely took a hit with Monuments Men, and if you really look at his filmography, you start ... Read More »

An In-Depth Analysis of Every Nicholas Sparks Movie Poster


By: Hawk Ripjaw – Here we are again with another movie adapted from a Nicholas Sparks novel adaptation–The Best of Me releases this weekend. A little while ago, someone made the joke that ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: The Best of Me, The Book of Life, & Fury


By: Hawk Ripjaw – The Best of Me His name is DAWSON? Fuck. Beer Prediction The Book of Life Something is drawing me to this movie, and it’s kind of freaking me ... Read More »

Box Office Preview: ‘Fury’ To Lead Mild October Weekend


By: Matt Conway –  October so far has been a nice change of pace compared to previous months, with the box office beginning to wake up a bit. This weekend ... Read More » With The King Of The Nerds At New York Comic Con

It’s been called television’s geekiest competition but we prefer to call it television’s nerdiest competition. While at New York Comic Con, Movieboozer was on hand during a roundtable discussion with ... Read More »