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‘Ant-Man’ Repeats, ‘Pixels’, ‘Paper Towns’ Disappoint


By: Matt Conway –  This weekend promised to be one of the more competitive weekends in quite some time, and that turned out to be the case thanks to some ...

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Here’s Some Movies You’re Going to Want to Watch


By: Henry J. Fromage – Let’s keep this simple- here’s some movies that sound cool. First off, Ridley Scott’s been browsing his local airport bookshop again, this time landing on The Cartel. ...

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Box Office Preview: ‘Pixels’ Squares Off Against Holdovers


By: Matt Conway –  This weekend promises to be an interesting one, with new releases competing alongside several strong summer holdovers. The new release with the best chance to place ...

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A Gay Girl In Damascus: The Amina Profile (2015) Movie Review: The World Got Catfished


Drinking Game Take a Drink: every time you hear someone say “A Gay Girl In Damascus” Take a Drink: every time “Amina” is threatened. Take a Shot: for the sexy time in the opening scene. ...

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Trailer Reviews: Paper Towns, Pixels & Southpaw


By: Hawk Ripjaw –  Paper Towns Oh man, I dodged a bullet with this one. I kind of dug the trailer, with the mystique of the female character and the ...

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Top 10 Opening Scenes in Film: 10 – 1

Raiders Imax

By: Movie Snurb – Welcome back!  Now let’s find out what the top ten scenes in film are. So, without further ado, here we go. Citizen Kane What a better way ...

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The Felix-Ripjaw Debate: ‘It’ Remake Swaps Directors As The Pacific Rim Sequel And Suicide Squad Talk Heat Up The Ozone!!


“Every nipple is special, much like a snowflake” may or may not have come out of my mouth today… But are we really surprised? Though less about my Periscopes and ...

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Top 10 Opening Scenes in Film: 20 – 11


By: Movie Snurb – Opening scenes of a film can be the most important scenes. Sometimes they’re meant to grab your attention, sometimes they are there to lay out the plot ...

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‘Ant-Man’ Comes Up Big, ‘Trainwreck’ Surprises


By: Matt Conway –  Expectations were high this weekend, with two promising releases entering the fray. Thankfully, they did not disappoint, with two overall solid debuts. Leading the way in ...

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Trailer Reviews: Ant-Man & Trainwreck


By: Hawk Ripjaw –  Ant-Man For a year, most of the world was on the “fuck Peyton Reed” train after Marvel parted ways with lovable director Edgar Wright on Ant-Man. ...

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