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Twenty-something film reviewer, social critic, and cultural analyst searching for a place in the sun. Movieboozer is a humor website and drinking games are intended for entertainment purposes only, please drink responsibly.

Secret in Their Eyes (2015) Movie Review: The Secret is to Watch with Closed Eyes

Drinking Game Take a Sip: every time Ray gets tongue tied around Claire. Take a Sip: every time a character predicts the actions of another character. Take a Sip: every time ...

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Frame by Frame (2015) Movie Review: Life Within a Shot


Drinking Game Take a Sip: every time Farzana is disrespected, but politely keeps her cool Take a Sip: every time your view of Afghanistan is changed or widened in some ...

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Virtual Roundtable Interview with Tara Subkoff and Chloe Sevigny of #Horror


By: The Cinephiliac – Question: Tara, the film is visual art. You’ve taken nature and put it on a grid, you’ve made it natural. The clothing, the set décor and artwork- ...

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#Horror (2015) Movie Review: Slashing Phone Bills and Throats


Drinking Game Do a Shot: for my favorite line- “I got you soup, and a sandwich!” Take a Sip: whenever Dr. White starts to lose his shit. Be patient; after ...

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Q & A with Astronaut Kenneth Ham


By: The Cinephiliac – Watching Matt Damon or Sandra Bullock pretend to go on fake adventures in the nether regions of the universe isn’t always satisfying enough for space buffs. Sometimes, you ...

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Mexico Barbaro (2015): Holy Crap, What Did I Just Watch?


Drinking Game Take a Sip: every time there’s boobs! Do a Shot: anytime you close your eyes or turn away from the screen. Take a Sip: after each one of those ...

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India’s Daughter (2015) Movie Review: Women Shall Overcome


Drinking Game Honestly, a drinking game feels a bit inappropriate for such a topic. So drink in condolence for every statistic you hear and see. Community Review Movie Review By: ...

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A Walk in the Woods (2015) Movie Review: Slightly Grumpy Old Men


Drinking Game Take a Drink: every time someone comments on a woman’s looks Take a Drink: every time someone comments on Bill and Katz’s age Take a Drink: whenever there ...

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Guidance (2015) Movie Review: I Get High With a Little Help From My Guidance Counselor


Drinking Game Take a Drink: every time someone yells “Get off the road!” Take a Drink: every time David’s sexuality is questioned or mentioned. Take a Drink: every time David ...

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Dawn (2014) Short Film Review: Never Trust Strangers


Drinking Game Take a Sip: whenever Dawn says what she’s not supposed to do because of her mother. Take a Sip: whenever Dawn’s dress is discussed. Take a Sip: whenever ...

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