Marielle Pawson

Marielle wanted to be a lot of things; now she writes about them instead. In addition to "The Weekend Pregame", she reviews and breaks down music videos for Screen Invasion. Visit her Twitter @mpaws and site at Feel free to give her money and prizes. Movieboozer is a humor website and drinking games are intended for entertainment purposes only, please drink responsibly.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)


By: Marielle (Three Beers) – Traditionally aired around Christmas (even though most of it is not strictly centred on the holiday), It’s a Wonderful Life is a classic black-and-white film ...

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The Weekend Pregame: August 10

The Campaign Featured

By Marielle – The Bourne Legacy – I understand it’s easier and more profitable to continue an already established franchise, but it’s unfortunate that Jeremy Renner is just taking over ...

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The Weekend Pregame: August 3rd


By: Marielle – Total Recall (2012) – Having not seen the original Total Recall from the 90s (I know. But, I studied Philip K. Dick’s original short story “We Can ...

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The Weekend Pregame: July 27

The Watch Featured

By: Marielle –  Step Up Revolution – INT. HOLLYWOOD MEETING – DAY Hollywood Director: Jenkins! You know what’s really hot these days? Jenkins: Uh, no, sir. I mean, yes! I ...

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The Weekend Pregame: July 20


By: Marielle – The Dark Knight Rises – Another massive weekend is here (only the biggest of the summer–nay–possibly of the whole year?!-speculative punctuation points-!?*) Like with The Avengers and ...

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The Weekend Pregame: July 13


By: Marielle – Ice Age: Continental Drift – I often give animated movies a three because I don’t usually care for them, but I bet people’s ugly kids will have fun. ...

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The Weekend Pregame: June 29th


By: Marielle – Magic Mike – Magic Mike – Trailer 2 by MyMovies_International  C-Tates is returning to his roots as a stripper, and he’s ready to show the world that his ...

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The Weekend Pregame: June 22nd

Featured Lincoln

By: Marielle – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – 001_Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter – Official Trailer (HD) by jbarajas19  The title alone sends marketing-chills down my spine. On the face that title ...

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The Weekend Pregame: June 15

Rock of Ages Featured

By: Marielle Rock of Ages – Rock of Ages Trailer by http //www.ourmovieguide.comRemember all of those shitty, generic rock ‘anthems’ from the 80s? Now you can relive all of the ...

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The Weekend Pregame: June 8

DF-07230_07226R - Michael Fassbender as David explores an alien environment.

By: Marielle Prometheus – Prometheus (2012) – International Launch Trailer [HD] by splatterwelt  Prometheus started out as a prequel to the Alien franchise, but now it sits in the realm ...

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