Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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Filming Othello (1978)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: whenever Welles expresses his awe of Shakespeare Take a Drink: whenever he explains how his technique mirrors theme Take a Drink: whenever Welles quotes or ... Read More »

Starred Up (2014)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: every time Jack O’Connell is incredibly resourceful Take a Drink: whenever he shows his fighting instincts Take a Drink: for exercise Take a Drink: for class Take a Drink: for ... Read More »

The Congress (2013)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for details about Robin Wright’s real career Take a Drink: for visions of the future of film Take a Drink: for flying Take a Drink: for Agent Robin Take ... Read More »

Insomnia (2002)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for local color Take a Drink: for each sleepless night Take a Drink: for sneaky policework from Pacino Take a Drink: for hallucinations Take a Drink: for bloodstains Do a ... Read More »

This Week in Things That Don’t Mix: Richard Pryor, Catholic Priests, Shaolin Monks, and Bolivia

By: Henry J. Fromage - I’m from Peoria, Illinois which is coincidentally where Richard Pryor got all his crack jokes from because he grew up not fifteen minutes away from ... Read More »

Dead Poets Society (1989)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: every time an adult exerts pressure on a student Take a Drink: whenever Robin Williams attacks a stodgy idea Take a Drink: for every poem Take a Drink: for ... Read More »

I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK/사이보그지만 괜찮아 (2006)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for each new insanity… haha, no, that’d be brutal Take a Drink: whenever a patient calls somebody crazy or psycho Take a Drink: for radio messages Take a ... Read More »

Sherlock (TV Review)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: every time Holmes displays some sociopathic tendencies Take a Drink: whenever he’s then left off the hook for it Take a Drink: every time Watson says something heartwarming ... Read More »

Who Can Kill a Child? (1976)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for Spanish customs “That’s called a peen-yata!” Take a Drink: for terrible Spanish Take a Drink: every time we find out just who can kill a child… finally ... Read More »

Ida (2014)

Ida, Sundance Film Festival 2014

Drinking Game Take a Drink: for religious iconography Take a Drink: every time Ida’s aunt smokes Take a Drink: whenever someone mentions the Jews Take a Drink: for Soviet-style apartments and hotel rooms Take ... Read More »