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Women on the Edge- Yep, That Amy Winehouse Biopic was Inevitable


By: Henry J. Fromage – There’s still much to be done to cure Hollywood sexism, but with Jennifer Lawrence pulling down as much as anybody per film, Lady Ghostbusters, and ...

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Applesauce (2015) Movie Review: What’s the Worst Thing You’ve Ever Done?


Drinking Game Take a Drink: whenever someone either asks or tells about the worst thing they’ve ever done Take a Drink: for New Yawkisms Take a Drink: for Orange is the New Black references Take ...

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Theeb (2015) Movie Review: Jordan Swings for an Oscar


Drinking Game Take a Drink: whenever you see a knife Take a Drink: for English Take a Drink: whenever Theeb gets curious Take a Drink: for flashes of violence Take a Drink: for wells Do a Shot: for symbolic callbacks Community ...

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2016 Oscar Power Rankings Week 4


By: Henry J. Fromage – It’s been a peculiar year for prognostication, with the real contenders left from what’s been more of a war of attrition than an augmentation having ...

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This News is Like a Camping Trip… In Tents


By: Henry J. Fromage – I like big puns, and I cannot lie… yeah, it’s a marvel I ever get laid.  On to da movie news, I say. Duncan Jones, ...

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Testament of Youth (2015) Movie Review: War, What is it Good For?


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for letters and poetry Take a Drink: for glances full of longing Take a Drink: whenever Vera says something overly direct or scandalizing Take a Drink: for horrors of war Do a Shot: when ...

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A Deadly Adoption (2015) Movie Review: So Dry It’s Genius


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for artificial “magic hour’ filter Take a Drink: for sinister glances (and music cues) Take a Drink: for corny “jokes” Take a Drink: for “foreshadowing” and “symbolism” Do a Shot: it’s a twist! Community ...

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Bad Ideas of Varying Degrees


By: Henry J. Fromage – Okay, I think we can all agree that this first idea is pretty fucking dumb.  If you haven’t heard already, Len Wiseman of Live Free or ...

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Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (1994) Movie Review: A Nightmare for the Scream Generation


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for each call Take a Drink: for each meta flourish Take a Drink: whenever Dylan speaks freakily Take a Drink: for each dream sequence of course Take a Drink: for ...

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Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991) Movie Review: Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep, Franchise

Freddy- Dead-The-Final-Nightmare-main-review

Drinking Game Take a Drink: for fucked up family ties Take a Drink: for each dream sequence of course Take a Drink: for each murder (also of course) Do a Shot: for Freddy’s kid Community Review ...

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