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Hollywood Says It’s Time to Get Weird


By: Henry J. Fromage – Let’s just leap right into this bad boy. Nicolas Cage is going to star in the real-life story of a Colorado construction worker who snuck ... Read More »

Two Days, One Night (2014)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: whenever Cotillard takes a pill or has her illness referred to Take a Drink: for each hard won vote Take a Drink: for each devastating refusal Take a Drink: whenever somebody ... Read More »

The Attorney (2013)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: whenever somebody eats (especially gukbap, mmm… gukbap) Let me count the ways I love the… Take a Drink: whenever somebody disrespects Song Take a Drink: “Commie” Take a Drink: for military/police oppression ... Read More »

Citizen Koch (2014)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for conflict rhetoric- “battle”, “war”, etc. Take a Drink: when even a Republican speaks out against this Super-PAC bullshit Take a Drink: whenever you see/hear something racist Take ... Read More »

I Origins (2014)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for closeups/snapshots of eyes (per scene, not per eye if you value your liver/life) Take a Drink: for hypothesizing Take a Drink: for coinky-dinks Take a Drink: On second thought… be careful ... Read More »

Valley Uprising (2014)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: every time a climber does Take a Drink: whenever a shot or photograph leaves you breathless… or with vertigo Take a Drink: for cultural (the 60s!  the 70s!) montages Take ... Read More »

(White Male) Oscar Noms Get Some Work, Plus Michael Bay Gets Surrious


By: Henry J. Fromage – Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Christian Bale are all starring in another adaptation from Michael Lewis- author of the nonfiction books turned films The Blind ... Read More »

We are the Best! (2014)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: “We hate sport!” Take a Drink: uggh… parents Take a Drink: for punk vs. disco Take a Drink: for every jam session Take a Drink: whenever Klara is a ... Read More »

Bird People (2014)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for birds Take a Drink: for flight takeoffs Take a Drink: whenever the camera eavesdrops Take a Drink: whenever Gary’s on his computer or smartphone Do a Shot: for smokes Do a Shot: wait, ... Read More »

2015 Oscar Nominations- The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly


By: Henry J. Fromage - Well, that was a wild ride.  For the first time ever all 24 Oscar categories were announced live, and I’ll be mentally unpacking the nominations ... Read More »