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Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for… Christianity? Buddhism? Mormonism? Koreshianism? Wetf that is. Take a Drink: for every face you recognize from other Park Chan-wook films Take a Drink: for each prisoner we’re ... Read More »

The Final Member (2013)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for every penis you see (but no repeats, so you’re either getting drunk or paying close attention) Take a Drink: for every uncomfortable look Take a Drink: for ... Read More »

The Two Faces of January (2014)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for every con, large or small Take a Drink: for talk of World War II Take a Drink: for cigarettes Take a Drink: for myths Take a Drink: for mentions ... Read More »

Lighthearted Singing and Dancing Fun, Except For Angelina Jolie, Who Insists On Being All Depressing

Angelina Jolie Participates in UN World Refugee Day

By: Henry J. Fromage – Phil Lord and Chris Miller look like they’re going to continue their genre-hopping with their next project, The Rosie Project (nope, they’re probably not directing ... Read More »

Amelie (2001)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for likes and dislikes Take a Drink: for imaginary creatures and features Take a Drink: for close-ups on Amelie’s face Take a Drink: for revenge pranks Take a Drink: for ... Read More »

Idiocracy (2006)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for future tech Take a Drink: for future entertainment Take a Drink: for Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator Take a Drink: whenever President Camacho does something awesome Take a Drink: whenever ... Read More »

Salesman (1968)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for national stereotypes Take a Drink: for every failure Take a Drink: whenever religion becomes just another selling point Take a Drink: for every one of Paul’s excuses Do ... Read More »

The Face Reader (2013)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for every face-reading Take a Drink: for animation This kind soyouthinkyoucandancegif Take a Drink: whenever somebody eats Take a Drink: awww… puppy! Take a Drink: awww… vicious betrayal! Take a ... Read More »

Red Road (2006)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for each voyeuristic moment Take a Drink: for foxes and dogs Take a Drink: for every burst of unintelligible Scottish nonsense Take a Drink: whenever Dickie’s obsession with the ... Read More »

The Zero Theorem (2014)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for every crazily coiffed and made up actor you recognize Take a Drink: every time “the call” is mentioned Take a Drink: whenever somebody mangles Qohen’s name Take ... Read More »