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Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)


Gary Anderson (Two Beers) -   Ho Ho Holy Crap, they sure don’t make ‘em like this anymore! Often ranked amongst the worst films ever made, Nicholas Webster’s 1964 science ... Read More »

Bonnie and Clyde Vs. Dracula (2008)


Gary Anderson (Four Beers) -    One important detail left out of the official police report on Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow’s 1930s UScrime spree was the small, but significant ... Read More »

Attack Girls’ Swim Team vs. The Undead (2007)


Gary Anderson (Six Pack) -    What a title! But, be warned: If you pick up Koji Kawano’s 2007 schoolgirls versus zombies J-horror gore-fest expecting kitschy fun and gory giggles, ... Read More »

Mafia vs. Ninja (1985)


Gary Anderson (Three Beers) -    It is said that to become a true master of kung-fu, one must be as graceful as a cat, as heavy as a mountain, ... Read More »

Killing Them Softly Review Link


Click on the link below to read Gary Anderson’s excellent, already posted, review for this week’s new Brad Pitt gangster enforcer film, Killing Them Softly. Killing Them Softly Review Killing ... Read More »

Ninjas vs. Vampires (2010)


Gary Anderson (Three Beers) -   If the title of this movie appeals, then congratulations: it’s time for a geek-gasm. The more accomplished sequel to 2008’s daft-but-fun cheapie Ninjas Vs ... Read More »

Aliens vs. Avatars (2011)


Gary Anderson (Six Beers) -   In 1986, James Cameron’s Aliens was an intense, muscular science fiction thrill-ride that terrified audiences everywhere. With 2009’s game-changing special effects smorgasbord space epic ... Read More »

Vampire Boys (2011)


Gary Anderson (Five Beers) -   Why is Edward Cullen so pale? Because there’s no light in the closet. Boom! Yet, for all those who think the Twilight movies are ... Read More »

Killing Them Softly (2012)


By: Gary Anderson (Three Beers) -    If you think that crime pays, you’d better have the cojones to back it up, pal, because as Brad Pitt’s latest Oscar-baiting turn ... Read More »

Eden Lake (2008)


By: Gary Anderson (Two Beers) -    In August 2011, an explosion of widespread rioting and looting ripped throughLondon, seemingly symptomatic of a perceived widespread state of social decay that ... Read More »