Thursday, December 18, 2014

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A kid from New York that fell in love with the magic of movies. Fascinated by every facet of the movie industry. Really love B-quality horror movies and psychological thrillers. Movieboozer is a humor website and drinking games are intended for entertainment purposes only, please drink responsibly.

Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: every time the trio fucks up their plan. Take a Drink: every time Jennifer Aniston mentions a different sex act. Take a Drink: every time ... Read More »

Fury (2014)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: every time you see the name “Fury”. Do a Shot: for every major death. Do a Shot: every time Norman acts like a little bitch. Pour One Out: for every tank lost in ... Read More »

Annabelle (2014)

maxresdefault (1)

Drinking Game Take a Drink: every time you see “Annabelle”. Do a Shot: for every “jump” scare. (This might kill you) Do a Shot: every time the main character’s sanity is questioned. Pour One Out: for ... Read More »

Tusk (2014)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: every time you hear “Mr. Tusk” Do a Shot: for each mustache pun. Do a Shot: when you see the walrus suit. Pour One Out: for Kill Bill Kid’s ... Read More »

The Last of Us (2014)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: every time you encounter a “Clicker” Do a Shot: after the opening sequence (Believe me, you’re going to need it) Do a Shot: after every death ... Read More »

Let’s Be Cops (2014)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: for every buddy cop movie cliché. Take a Drink: every time the main characters abuse the power of being a cop. Do a Shot: every time the movie tries ... Read More »

Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)


Drinking Game Take a Drink: every time Sharknado is mentioned. Take a Drink: for every shark that is “jumped”. (You’ll know the scene when you get to it.) Do a Shot: when you see ... Read More »

Deliver Us from Evil (2014)

Hollywood, can we please get this guy in more movies. Thanks.

Drinking Game Take a Drink: every time Joel McHale tries to act tough. Take a Drink: every time Eric Bana sees something that no one else sees. Do a Shot: for ... Read More »

The Battery (2013)


By: Frankie B. (A Toast) – Hollywood has a tendency to take what is successful and milk that concept until it is withered and useless. Horror movies seem to be the ... Read More »

Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)


By: Frankie B. (A Toast) – The Coen brothers are arguably the most consistent American directors of the last two decades. They have a tendency to make fantastic movies about individuals who ... Read More »