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Just one of the many who were forever changed by Jon Lovitz' role as a cartoon film critic. I currently reside in the metro New Orleans area - spending my time reviewing, blogging and actively avoiding anything from Michael Bay and Dane Cook. Feel free to comment on my reviews. Movieboozer is a humor website and drinking games are intended for entertainment purposes only, please drink responsibly.

A Haunted House 2 (2014)


By: Bill Arceneaux (Six Pack) - About a week and a half prior to the writing of this review, I was given the opportunity to attend an advance screening of A Haunted ... Read More »

Robocop (2014)


By: Bill Arceneaux (Six Beers) - Beer Six It isn’t always easy to detect when a movie is insulting its audience. Clever dialogue and well produced action sequences can mask the middle ... Read More »

Struggled Reagans (2014)


By: Bill Arceneaux (Three Beers) - When I think of a filmmaker that can perfectly execute a dreamlike atmosphere, I think of David Lynch. Probably the most obvious example from his work ... Read More »

Son of Ghostman (2013)


By: Bill Arceneaux (A Beer and a Half) - Recently, I had the pleasure of watching and talking about the cult classic film, The Wacky World of Doctor Morgus. It’s a movie ... Read More »

Rewind This! (2013) and Adjust Your Tracking (2013)


By: Bill Arceneaux (A Toast) - The last VHS tape I bought was the Glengarry Glen Ross Special Edition, from a Walgreens discount bin, just a few years ago – still in ... Read More »

2 Guns (2013)

2 Guns-Main-Review

By: Billy Arceneaux (Four Beers) – Back in 1996, my parents took my twin brother and I to the Stand for Children march on D.C. at the Lincoln Memorial. I remember tents ... Read More »

White House Down (2013)


By: Bill Arceneaux (Two Beers) – In case you all were wondering if time would mend my heart, no – I still stand by my Olympus Has Fallen rating. Now, it WASN’T “walk out ... Read More »

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)


By: Billy Arceneaux (Two Beers) – Tom Cruise is crazy. No, this isn’t because of his chosen religion; a “faith” based on science fiction writings about aliens being the cause ... Read More »

Oblivion (2013)


By: Bill Arceneaux (Three Beers) - Whenever Tom Cruise is mentioned to or around me, Scientology is inevitably brought up. Have any of you seen that SouthPark episode where Tom ... Read More »

To the Wonder (2013)

Ben Affleck and Rachel Weisz

By: Bill Arceneaux (A Toast) - There aren’t very many filmmakers that I can name that are “bulletproof” to reviews. I don’t mean from reviews that would hurt their box ... Read More »