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V/H/S (2012)


By: Andrew Ward (Three Beers) –    In the over-saturated genre of found footage films, it is hard to find an enjoyable one amongst the bunch. Today, you’re more likely ... Read More »

Green Street Hooligans (2005)


By: Andrew Ward (Three Beers) –   Ah, football. The sport of the people. So many great teams. Will the Giants repeat this season? Will Aaron Rodgers continue to do ... Read More »

The Baxter (2005)


By: Andrew Ward (Three Beers) -   Ever had your wedding interrupted by your fiancé’s high school sweetheart? Is he the person trying to recapture the love of his life ... Read More »

500 Days of Summer (2009)

Boy and girl romantic looking at each other

By: Andrew Ward (A Toast) – I was told to watch (500) Days of Summer from a girl I used to date. She told me that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character, Tom, reminded her ... Read More »

Mystery Team (2009)


By: Andrew Ward (Three Beers) – Remember when you were seven and pretended to fight crime? Some of you may have even acted as detectives trying to solve local mysteries ... Read More »

Southland Tales (2006)


By: Andrew Ward (Five Beers) – I had high hopes for Southland Tales going into it. Mainly because Richard Kelly is the writer and director of one of my favorite ... Read More »

The Fall (2006)

Film-The Fallbig

By: Andrew Ward (Three Beers) – Tarsem Singh’s The Fall is a visually amazing film that came about after four years of filming and shooting in over twenty countries. Landscapes, ... Read More »

Audition (2000)


By: Andrew Ward (Two Beers) – Going into watching Audition, widely considered to be influential Japanese director Takashi Miike’s best film, I had the expectations to be disgusted and disturbed. I’ve ... Read More »