Trailer Reviews: Thor: Ragnarok

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

Thor: Ragnarok

I have a theory on the way Marvel movies have been marketed recently. Marvel had to start out in more basic terms, letting their trailers and posters appeal to as broad a market as possible in their risky bid to create the biggest interconnected universe in movie history. Their first huge chunk of movies had to have as much mass market appeal as possible to get people to go see the movies. But now, they’ve got a built-in audience: you can’t just not go see the newest Marvel flick. That, along with the success of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, has made Marvel much more adventurous. This is why the trailers and posters for Ragnarok (and even Black Panther to a lesser extent) have more color than LSD-infused Skittles.  If Iron Man pulled that shit all the way back in 2008, we wouldn’t be here with the god of thunder and a giant green man having space adventures. And that’s the most exciting part of the Marvel brand at this point: it’s comic book as fuck, and I can’t wait.

Beer Prediction

I didn’t even talk about how this is directed by Taika Waititi, who made What We Do in the Shadows and the amazing Hunt for the Wilderpeople. This is a man who wants to make a great movie before he makes a studio movie, and who probably knows what he’s doing more than at least a handful of other MCU directorial choices.

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