Trailer Reviews: The Circle, How to Be a Latin Lover, & Sleight

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The Circle

The Circle appears to be a bit behind the curve. A corporation that seems wonderful, yet actively spies on its users, was something that was scary a couple decades or more ago. In 2017, Congress has voted to let ISPs sell your browsing history, which for some people won’t matter much anyway since I have Facebook friends that share details about their trip to the fucking grocery store and clearly don’t give a shit about their privacy. If you don’t care about sharing your life details with everyone else, what is the fear in being watched anyway? To be fair, there are few things you could fail to sell me if pitched by Tom Hanks and Patton Oswalt. 

Beer Prediction

Only Emma Watson could sell the “OMG, Google is tracking me?” incredulity and still make it convincing. Unfortunately, everyone seems to be “convinced” that this will suck. 


How to be a Latin Lover

The story for How to be a Latin Lover is cute until you think about it: a guy married to his rich wife and enjoying the benefits of being married to an elderly billionaire gets bitch slapped by the cold hand of reality when his wife leaves him for another man and throws him out. Forced to live with his estranged family, the man strives to win the heart of a different elderly billionaire so he can get back to the mansion life. You could also argue that one would do whatever the fuck it would take in order to not be stuck living with one’s sister, but that’s a little bit lower on our hero’s list. Given that he also has to spend time hanging out with his weird nephew, does anyone want to place any bets on the possibility that the main character finds a normal non-rich woman whom he initially shuns but eventually learns that it’s not all about money and has genuine feelings for this normal girl? If this movie contains actual tips on Latin loving, I might see it, but probably just a matinee.

Beer Prediction

More importantly, it looks like it might actually be funny.



I guess it’s time for me to admit that I spend a decent amount of time in the back half of almost every other month thinking about how cool it would be to have telekinesis. Everybody has weird power fantasies, right? Some people dream about being a powerful politician, others dream about having a shitload of money, some people just want to win an argument with someone (I think we all do that last one). I dream of having superpowers. I don’t do it obsessively; mostly just for a couple of minutes every once in a while. Still though, that would be awesome. Sleight apparently takes the concept of telekinesis, except that the main character is black and he gets tangled up in some serious shit and needs to save his family. This could actually be an interesting movie if it goes for more character drama over action. And that mildly upsets me, because I’ve been priming myself for weeks for this to be shit, and not it is shaping up to be a legitimately good movie. Of course, we all win when a movie is good, it just means I’ll have to look elsewhere for my shlock. 

Beer Prediction

This suddenly-pulled, low-budget Blumhouse movie might be the best of this week’s bunch. What the fuck is going on?

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