Trailer Reviews: Mission: Impossible – Fallout & Teen Titans GO! to the Movies

By: Hawk Ripjaw –


Mission:Impossible – Fallout

Here it is: Mission: Impossible: Fallout is my most anticipated movie of the entire year so far. To boot, it sports not one, but two absolutely spectacular trailers. These trailers are perfectly edited together, give tastes of the action without blowing the whole thing, and are assembled in such a way that no part of the plot and none of the secondary characters’ allegiances are entirely transparent. We already know that the M:I movies are basically excuses for Tom Cruise to get paid to do ludicrously dangerous things, so that’s the real reason anyone ever goes to see these. But I’m not going to complain if the story is great. Also, Henry Cavill looks like he has to reload his arms after a punch. That’s at least worth a toast. 

Beer Prediction

I was going to say something like “I choose to accept this Mission,” but I’m not an asshole.


Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

The troubling punctuation styling of the title card for Teen Titans Go! To the Movies does little to dissuade my excitement for it. The fact that it’s the film version of a wacky, sugar-rush cartoon aimed at kids does even less. I actually haven’t even watched any of the Teen Titans Go! show, and I think I watched less than ten episodes of the original, apparently-amazing 2003 show. I actually didn’t even have much interest in this movie, but the trailer hinted at a bit of meta zaniness that I wouldn’t have expected, and it actually looks pretty funny, too. I’m not a huge fan of the Saturday Morning look, but I hope that a theatrical release will give a bit of extra money for some animation flourishes that we aren’t seeing in the trailer. If this is anything as subversive as The LEGO Batman Movie, we’re in for a good time. 

Beer Prediction

I still don’t know anything about the show.  Should I start watching it?

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