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By: Hawk Ripjaw –

It’s hard to say why Tom Hanks looks so aghast in that featured image, but more than likely he’s watching one of the Robert Langdon movies.



Remember when The Da Vinci Code first came out? I’m talking about the book for now. Everyone went crazy over how it shit all over the Christian faith (although in these days, that would amount to little more than farting in the general direction of the Bible). Actual historical evidence and common sense revealed The Da Vinci Code to be a generally boring piece of work. The same held true for the movie version, with Tom Hanks trying his hardest to assemble something out of a character so generic, you might as well just call him Dr. Deus Ex Plot Armor and be done with it. The movies themselves are getting progressively more entertaining. While The Da Vinci Code was a nice-looking and dull movie that thrived purely on the controversy, Angels & Demons was a stupid thriller that was entertaining due to Ewan McGregor and a spectacularly violent extended cut. With Inferno, Langdon must uncover the key to stopping a cataclysmic virus before its creator unleashes it on the world, and overcome what audiences are almost unanimously calling one of the worst book-to-movie ending changes they’ve ever seen. I’m hoping for an enjoyably stupid action thriller, but I’m told that’s not even the case. If so, what’s the point?

Beer Prediction


I will probably see it, even though I know I’ll regret it.

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