Trailer Reviews: Daddy’s Home 2 & Murder On the Orient Express

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

Daddy’s Home 2

On my list of movie ideas that I kind of hate, “a main character with a parent played by a significantly older and very famous actor for shenanigans” is close to the top. Usually it comes in a sequel, following a moderately successful comedy. Often, it’s a very bad sequel. Honestly, I don’t know why there is even a second Daddy’s Home, given that the original wasn’t all that good or memorable in the first place. Adding John Lithgow is admittedly a great casting move, but you can only watch him kiss Will Ferrell on the lips in the trailer so many times before you realize the movie probably isn’t going to offer much in the way of fresh comedy. Truly, this is not an Adam McKay project. That’s not even to mention Ferrell’s diminishing returns in general (although I’ll be honest, I thought The House was kind of fun). Optimism is not on this movie’s side.

Beer Prediction

I guess if you have to watch a Christmas movie about parents and their parents, you at least have this and Bad Moms Christmas to worry about? You can also count yourself lucky that the producers of this haven’t been rumbling about a Bad Moms cinematic universe.


Murder on the Orient Express

Depending on who you are, there are a couple of specific things you’ve been looking forward to in Murder on the Orient Express:

  1. A good old-fashioned murder mystery.
  2. Actors such as Willem Dafoe, Michelle Pheiffer, Dame Judi Dench, and Kenneth Branagh.
  3. That glorious mustache.

Whether or not those great things can overcome what has so far been said to be a relatively dull movie remains to be seen. What also remains to be seen is whether people bored by it just don’t understand what makes Agatha Christie a compelling storyteller. What I do know is that Branagh’s mustache is 100% worth the price of admission.

Beer Prediction

Please, please don’t play that fucking Imagine Dragons song in the movie.

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