Trailer Reviews: Coco & Roman J. Israel, Esq.

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I don’t know whether I’m getting more old/boring/bitter, but I haven’t truly enjoyed a Pixar movie since maybe Toy Story 3. I’m pretty sure this has at least something to do with the Cars franchise. While the first (and inoffensive, if unremarkable) Cars movie predated WALL-E, probably the best Pixar film, I was already suspicious that a studio that could make a post-apocalyptic romantic drama between robots that couldn’t talk was also making a movie about talking vehicles. That’s some late 90’s Cartoon Network shit that predates Disney’s full acquisition of Pixar but also stinks of Disney’s modern merchandise-forward mentality of designing kids’ movies. Kids are smarter than Larry the Cable Guy voicing an idiotic redneck tow truck, and hopefully Coco is the movie that will reinforce that. 

Beer Prediction

Unfortunately, I just got wind that the movie is preceded by a twenty-one minute short starring Olaf the snowman from Frozen, so I’ll either have to wait for the Blu-Ray or pay someone off to calculate when I can just go in late and catch the start of the actual movie.


Roman J. Israel, Esq.

The trailer for Roman J. Israel, Esq. has a certain feel to it, like it’s advertising a movie that has a lot of plot–a lot more than a single trailer could encapsulate. There’s a lot going on in this trailer: Denzel Washington sporting an awesome afro and pair of lenses, being socially awkward, collecting a reward and living large for awhile before it comes back to bite him while presumably he hurts his ideals in his quest for the American Dream. 

I do cautiously respect how the movie appears to show Israel on the autism spectrum based on his difficulties in communicating. If the trailer is any indication, that’s a pretty good way to portray a character with autism–someone who is a person who has a condition that sets him slightly outside what some would consider normal. It’s a great contrast to, say, that TV show The Good Doctor. So far that show is basically HEY LOOK, THIS GUY IS AUTISTIC AND HE’S ALSO A DOCTOR. Granted, I’ve only watched a couple of episodes but there’s still a pretty distinct difference between something being a part of a character, and something defining a character. 

Beer Prediction

It’s Dan Gilroy (Nightcrawler), who already has proven he’s great at directing character performances, so I’m both excited and confident.

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