Trailer Review: Office Christmas Party

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

Office Christmas Party

There’s something about the office environment that I just like. We all know that offices are stressful, soul-sucking dungeons where working professionals go to have their family spend all of their money, but for some reason when I step into an office I just feel good.  This probably suggests some sort of deep-seated addiction to displeasure. Perhaps I just understand that in most movies about offices, everyone there is about 5 seconds from pulling the fire alarm and starting a blood sport, and the anticipation gives me the butterflies.

Regardless, when it comes to movies about offices, that tiny little society inevitably always falls apart, and that’s once again what we’re promised with Office Christmas Party. With a cast including Jason Bateman, Kate McKinnon, and T.J. Miller to get us excited, the directors of The Switch to make us slightly nervous, and a decent marketing campaign, there are certainly reasons to get excited for Office Christmas Party, but there are just as many reasons to doubt this will be funny beyond an idea that should have just been a comedy sketch of half-hour holiday TV special.

Beer Prediction


Even in The Switch, Bateman had charisma. Let’s be optimistic.

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