Trailer Review: Incarnate

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

Who dares release a movie the weekend after a busy Thanksgiving packed with popular releases? Jason Blum dares.


As far as I’m concerned, Jason Blum has earned a free pass for life when it comes to the benefit of a doubt for movie trailers. No one is going to argue that The Boy Next Door was awful, but I will fight you to defend the notion that it was a meticulously calculated, deliberately awful erotic thriller.

For all of the brow-furrowing shittiness that occurs in the trailer for Incarnate, my hope grows that the people around me will start to understand that this is a subgenre we need more of in our lives. From what I’m gathering here, someone who is a big James Wan fan got high and watched Dreamscape and Inception back-to-back, and thought it would be cool to just…sorta…copy those movies. Aaron Eckhart plays a wheelchair-bound exorcist who doesn’t use any conventional means to get rid of demons; he goes into the host’s mind and helps them escape from their own mental prison. This is either going to be painfully bad, or hilariously terrible.

Beer Prediction


Oh, please be terrible.

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