Sci-Fi and Superheroes Take Over New York!

Once again, Movieboozer was on the scene for two big comic con expos that hit upon the New York City one after the other recently. First, a convention that has now become a staple to end the year right and one of our favorites, Wintercon 2017. Honoring all things Sci-Fi, Wintercon welcomes all cosplayers, comic book vendors, and has really shown to be able to draw in top talent from many of our favorite sci-fi films and TV shows. Last year, Wintercon reeled in a very rare appearance of the cast of The Road Warrior and The Warriors. This year’s personalities were worth the trip as Wintercon welcomed the cast of Buck Rogers and the mother of all sci-fi films, Blade Runner.






















Both casts talked about their experiences, what appearing in these classics have done for their careers, and the Blade Runner cast talked about the deeper meaning of the film, with Rutger Hauer and Sean Young discussing their roles, and taking plenty of Q&A from the audience.





Unlike other cons, these panels were free and held right in the middle of the showroom floor, so all can see and hear the stars speak, unlike other conventions where you’re made to pay additional fees to attend and wait in long lines at separate areas, causing convention goers to miss out on so much. We boozers love Wintercon for being very fan friendly and for the amount of really cool stuff to do all weekend long.



Following Wintercon, another convention took place just outside of New York City. Ace Comic Con, which has established itself as one of the premier cons in the nation, made its way to its first ever convention in New York. While not totally invaded by cosplayers, Ace Comic Con tries to mix a little of the spirit of what comic cons should be—dedicated to comic books and all the writers, artists, illustrators, and colorists who produce the comics—which it did by devoting a tremendous amount of floor space to them, but also attracting major celebrities to attend. The first day of panels, also free of charge and held just off the main convention floor, was dedicated to WWE. Fans of The Hardy Boyz and The Bella Twins were out in force to root for them, with Hardy Boyz fans chanting “delete, delete,” to express their excitement, and many young girls on hand to see their idols The Bellas up close, and getting a chance to ask questions, with both duos posing for pics with their fans afterwards on stage.









But the real highlight of Ace Comic Con was seeing the Justice League—Superman (Henry Cavill), Wonder Woman (Gal Gardot), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and Aquaman (Jason Momoa), who came out first to welcome the crowd and really getting them worked up. The cast discussed what being in the film has meant to them and all mentioned the fans as being an inspiration to do their best for them, which the packed crowd really appreciated.














So that was the year in comic con craziness. Who knows what 2018 will bring, but Movieboozer will be there to capture your favorite comic book and sci fi characters again.

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