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Whichever online casino you visit, there is simply a massive range of slots games to choose from. Therefore, as a first step, we recommend to read the following slots games reviews because whatever your taste is, you will likely find something that suits your interest. In addition, and if you are a sports fan, there are plenty of other options, such as Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven which features real footage of sporting heroes. And talking of legends – music-themed slots are among the most popular around with global stars such as Michael Jackson, Elvis, and now Britney Spears which all have slots games dedicated to them.

And yet, movie-themed slots remain massive winners. What is the secret of their success? Well, for a start there is the small question of brand recognition. After all, Hollywood blockbusters are instantly recognisable and are likely to attract casual players in addition to dedicated fans. Movie-themed games also lend themselves perfectly to slots games. They have a ready-made storyline and well-known characters. And quite often, a familiar soundtrack is enough to entice people to play. If designed correctly, these games will include bonus rounds and features which also fit seamlessly into the movie’s plot itself.

If these sound like the right kind of games for you, then here is a selection of some of the best movie-themed slots around:

  • The Dark Knight

Here is a game which is almost as much of a hit as the movie itself. Based on the Batman trilogy, which saw the likes of Heath Ledger spring to global fame, this is a superbly designed slot which features the very recognisable figures of Batman and The Joker. There are some excellent features, such as a double multiplier on your winnings when you reach the free spins mode. It also offers one of the biggest progressive jackpots around – A portion of each wager is added to a central prize fund, which continues to grow until one lucky player pockets the lot.

  • Gladiator

Based on the Ridley Scott classic, Gladiator is one of the oldest and remains one of the best movie-themed slots games around. Fans of the film will immediately be struck by the familiar faces and dramatic soundtrack. Simply land three of the same iconic symbol and you can begin a journey to pocket as much as a 5,000-coin win. There are some excellent features, including the Colosseum bonus round, in which players can win multipliers and free spins which may prove very lucrative. In addition, according to this list of best free spin bonuses, Gladiator ranks pretty well among all other popular slots games, in terms of benefits to its players.

  • Rocky

Another excellent production based on a legendary film title. If you are a fan of the Sylvester Stallone films, then this is the slots game to get you pumped. Again, there are plenty of great bonus rounds along the way to help Rocky fight his way to glory. And you can also select some of his most feared opponents along the journey, including Clubber, Drago, and of course Apollo Creed. This game features all the familiar faces and a soundtrack which will be instantly recognisable to Rocky fans and casual players alike.

  • Iron Man 3

There had to be a Marvel-themed game in this selection and this is perhaps the pick of the bunch. There are slots games for almost every Marvel movie, but this might just be the best out there. For a start, this 5-reel, 25-payline game offers some awesome cash prizes. When the Iron Man icon appears 3 times on your reels, you pocket 100 times your stake. Multipliers can see you win as much as a 10,000 coin prize. Throw in some excellent graphics for good measure and this is something of winner.

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