Entertaining and Useful at the Same Time

Movies are a great opportunity to spend your free time, to distract from your problems, to move to a fantasy world, to plunge into the atmosphere that you choose yourself. It can be any genre you want:

  • a romantic comedy;
  • a historical novel;
  • an action film;
  • fantasy and so on

Moreover, the screen version of some novels can help to learn and understand it in 2 hours when reading takes more time and more effort. In many cases, the screen version is slightly different from what is written in the book, but there are times when what the reader can miss is well shown to the viewer.

The finished flick is a carefully crafted, studied book all the way through, from which all the most important and spectacular elements are taken. Perhaps some details like the color of Harry Potter’s eyes or the wine brand that Eugene Onegin drank in Pushkin’s novel of the same name are not transmitted to the film exactly, but the main idea of ​​the work, the author’s message to the reader in any good adaptation is always preserved.

Watching film can help you to learn the material fast and write an essay, otherwise, https://scoobydomyessay.com/essay-editing will help you with this task. But basically, films are about entertainment, not about studying. Different genres and themes are suitable for different purposes. Moreover, the country where the movie is made also leaves its imprint on it. For example, American comedies are known for their simple and frank humor, and French films for specific atmosphere and style.

What makes us watch movies?

But the films are differed not only by the country in which they are shot but also by the genre, the theme, the budget, the actors involved. Sometimes we watch a movie only because our favorite actor stars, regardless of other factors.

Some people may be attracted by the budget of the scene. For example, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is the movie with the largest budget in the history of cinema – more than $ 300,000,000.  The box office is not less impressive – about a billion. Of course, such success is the result of the work of professionals, the usage of expensive special effects, and the participation of popular actors in this film. That’s exactly where these millions are spent.

Movies which we watch every single year with the great pleasure help as to feel the holiday spirit when everyday life does not allow us to have rest and it is almost impossible to relax. One of the most popular ones in many countries for more than 25 years is Home Alone. This is one of the most watched Christmas comedies. For 20 years it was the highest grossing comedy in North America.

In any case, huge amounts of money are spent on the good mood of the public and the satisfaction of its needs for making truly fascinating works. Therefore, at any time we can find a movie for home viewing in a few minutes or go to the cinema with the confidence that the next 2 hours will not be wasted.

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