Better Call Saul Renewed

The last episode of Better Call Saul’s season 3 aired on June 19th and left the show’s fans with a bit of a bitter taste. The last episode seemed to be the last one for one prominent star, whose character appeared to be killed off. Although Better Call Saul clearly defined its own identity, proving it can live on its own and not only be a prequel to Breaking Bad, season 3’s finale seemed to prepare the connection to Breaking Bad.

The question regarding the show’s renewal was on everyone’s lips. Will Better Call Saul be canceled? Will it be renewed so that we can build expectations towards season 4? AMC did not let the suspense go on for too long. At the end of June, the American cable and satellite television channel announced a new season of Breaking Bad’s prequel will be aired in 2018. Here is a brief review as well as some potential leads that would be developed in season 4:

Ignacio Varga alias Nacho

Nacho, a charismatic character who balances between good and evil, finally managed to fulfill his plan against Salamanca in order to protect his father.

In Breaking Bad, Season 2, Episode 8, when Walter and Jesse Pinkman threaten Saul Goodman, he said, “It was not me! It was Ignacio!”. Here is another proof of genius for Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, subtly inserting hundreds of links between the two series. But what happened in the meantime? Did Nacho take the place of Hector Salamanca after his attack? What role will Krazy-8 have? We hope that season 4 will show us its ascent and/or descent into hell.

Kim Wexler

This business woman is described by many as a model of righteousness, with an organized routine and flawless appearance. But, her struggle for perfection takes a sudden turn with the intense scene of her car crash in the 2nd to last episode of the season. The symbolism of all those sheets flying away can be interpreted as the end of her desire to always do well. This sudden twist in her character’s development might suggest she is ready to follow Jimmy. We are eager to see how this will roll out as well as when and how she will disappear from his life.

When Jimmy McGill turns into Saul Goodman

It is rather difficult to pinpoint the moment when Jimmy turns into Saul Goodman. His transformation is gradual, and it can actually be seen more as a surfacing of his real nature since he has always been attracted by cheating tricks and manipulation games. By the end of the season, he tries to make a point that there is no destiny and everything can be manipulated in life, including a Bingo or lottery game. If we are to trust Jimmy’s vision of life, you would never buy a EuroMillions ticket, no matter how appealing the jackpot would be.

“But in our time there is a much higher probability instead of taking the chance to risk on a lottery or betting games, people rather prefer to “invest” their luck in the latest money making opportunities.

Like to invest in cryptocurrency, as you already know since bitcoin went to the moon and back, everybody knows about that. So everything will be “bitcoin” related movies, songs.. online shops, bitcoin wordpress theme online gambling and you can name anything else. So why not in the next season of Better call Saul we surely hear or see this trending subject. “

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