365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Brave New Year Edition- Week 12

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

The choices in theaters aren’t terribly inspiring at the moment, so it’s a pretty eclectic mix again from me of catching up on a wide range of genres.

58. Red Sparrow

A film that has a decent chance of being remembered come Oscar time, the latest from SciFi master Alex Garland is a mindfuck beyond what he delivered in Ex Machina, an homage to Tarkovsky that gets a great deal nastier and pays attention to the minutest details- a fun one to debate with your family and friends after watching for many an evening after.  Two Beers.

59. I Can Only Imagine

While an entire movie about a pretty forgettable Christian music song wasn’t likely to be good, exactly, Dennis Quaid’s acting conviction and reasonably compelling father/son drama do make it watchable if you ever can’t escape having to.  Four Beers.

60. The Battleship Island

The biggest Korean blockbuster of last year tells a prison escape movie set in Battleship Island, a real, World Heritage Site place that’s essentially an island fortress perched above some of Japan’s oldest and most productive coal mines.  Of course during World War II it also became an insulting ‘labor camp’ (workers were offered wages and insurance, but charged for their ‘room and board’… and leaving wasn’t exactly voluntary).  As polished as always with the top-notch Korean films these days (with more than a few filmmaker nods to films like Schindler’s List), and boasting some rousing acting, for another perspective on WWII atrocities and perseverance, this is worth a look.

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