365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Brave New Year Edition- Week 4

By: Henry J. Fromage –

In the week Oscar nominations came out, I’m still chasing all of the many Oscar-caliber flicks that escaped my grasp through out the year.

18. Phantom Thread

Paul Thomas Anderson can’t make an uninteresting nor psychologically unfucked film if he tried.  Come for the sumptuously detail and camerawork from the director himself, stay for the uncomfortable and hopefully not but probably a little familiar relationship dynamics.  Two Beers.

19. The Post

Steven Spielberg creates exactly the handsome, star-studded, rousing paean to the necessity of a strong, independent Fifth Estate to the survival of Democracy that you expected when you saw the first trailer (or read the initial production announcement). Two dignified if unsurprising Beers.

20. Bright

This movie has been taking a lot of shit, but color me surprised that I actually kinda enjoyed its balls to the wall ridiculousness and “why does this exist?” verve.  Fuck it, I’d watch another one.   Sorry to report it’s not the truly terrible Six Pack you would think, but I think a mindless Four Beers feels about right.

21. Mom and Dad

Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair are two of a nation’s worth of parents mysteriously triggered to slaughter their children in the latest from Brian Taylor of Neveldine & Taylor fame.  It’s just as unhinged and energetic as you’d hope.  An entertaining if over-edited Three Beers.

22. No Stone Unturned

The incredibly prolific Alex Gibney tries his hand at an investigative crime documentary, unearthing some stunning governmental collusion in the investigation of the 1994 massacre of six men watching the World Cup in a bar in Northern Ireland.  Two shocking and saddening Beers.

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