365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage Edition- Week 24

By: Henry J. Fromage –

I’m actually getting back to full-scale reviews again to gear up for the New York Asian Film Festival- full reviews to come on, well, all of these.

141. Fabricated City

It’ll take you about an hour before you figure out what kind of movie this is supposed to be, which, judging from the intentionally and highly misleading opening scene, might be part of what this weirdly cobbled together Korean genre exercise is going for.  It’s not successful at everything it attempts, but by the end you’re more likely than not going to find yourself on its wavelength.  Plus, Korean Mads Mikkelsen!

142. The Truth Beneath

This is a much more conventional Korean thriller, and one that is entirely invested in the twists, turns, and truly fucked up plotting that has made Korea arguably preeminent destination for crime thriller fans in the last decade.  This is no Park Chan-wook masterpiece, though, but still a well-made if occasionally unbelievable psychological puzzlebox of a murder mystery.

143. Megan Leavey

This is neither as bad as what you might suppose from the description (Marley and ‘Merica!), nor quite as good as the surprisingly positive reviews have been.  Kate Mara leads this film quite capably and, as it should be, is the source of any emotion it pushes you towards, but the dialogue is often trite and the dog, well, is no Uggie.  With time, this dog may find his way a la Robert Pattinson, but he ain’t got the goods from what I can see so far.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain has been globetrotting, dish-sampling, and history and culture-summing for 9 seasons now, and I am never less than entirely jealous when I see this show.  If I could choose any job imaginable, this would be it- the man goes to some interesting places, eats some damn interesting-looking food, and meets some even more interesting people on his way to documenting, well, parts unknown.  And I want to know them all.

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