365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage Edition- Week 16

By: Henry J. Fromage –

After last week’s work extravaganza, I pretty much stopped giving a fuck.  See the fruits of that labor:

109. The Evil Within

As Oberst pointed out, and in the the parlance of Tropic Thunder, “You never go full retard”.  Boy howdy does this film not take that advice.  The much labored over and only film from rich heir Andrew Getty, who succumbed to issues stemming with his years-long battle with meth addiction before its release, this is destined to be a curio and a cult film.  It does muster some surprisingly effective horror, but framing it around a mentally challenged man and the unhealthy relationship he has with his mirror, while his brother lives literally in another decade fashion and footage-wise due to the 15 year production, just gives it so much going on.  It’s like directorially competent Tommy Wiseau on (and off and on) meth.  It’s… truly special.

110. Sandy Wexler

Speaking of truly special, here we have Adam Sandler off his crippling Xanax prescription for the first time in close to a decade.  The results aren’t what I’d call good exactly, but he’s actually trying to create a character and regain some of that anarchic comedy sensibility that made him a household name in the first place.  Why this needed to be 130 minutes is anyone’s guess, but there are maybe enough laughs sprinkled about to make that poor, nostalgic Happy Gilmore, or, fuck, even Big Daddy fan halfway sated.

111. Fate of the Furious

Sure, this is the same blueprint right down to the family dinner in the closing minutes, and sure, it couldn’t give less of a shit about the laws of physics, the audience’s investment in Vin Diesel’s ever-expanding self regard, or basic plot structure, but good goddamn is this franchise entertaining.  I know there’s some holdouts out there who saw the first one and determined this shit was too dumb to bother with, fairly.  But if you’re depriving yourself of this you’re depriving yourself of what has basically become a new Bond franchise populated with an Ocean’s Eleven ensemble cast, with all the ridiculousness and pure popcorn entertainment that suggests.

112. Colossal

Anne Hathaway plays a just about out of control drunk who returns home to podunk nowhere after getting booted out by her boyfriend and ends up working at a bar owned by an elementary school friend.  Jason Sudeikis plays the role it seems like he was born to play as that friend and a full air quotes “Nice Guy” with some real issues.  Oh, and they discover that the kaiju that is rampaging through Seoul is actually Hathaway making her customary drunken stumble home across a playground at 8:05 a.m.  There’s no way this movie should work as well as it does, but the fact that a surface-level comedy/drama/kaiju hybrid has so much to say about the toxicity of certain male mentalities and the festering sore that jealousy can become is pretty close to remarkable.  Certainly in the running for my favorite film of the year so far.

PS- if you know of any Korean BBQ gas station joints around you, let me know.  I’m in.

113. The Boss Baby

This is a completely manic, two miles a minute ostensible children’s cartoon probably more for the adults than the kids in the vein of last year’s just about perfect Storks.  While it doesn’t boast nearly the joke hit ratio that underrated gem did, if you don’t stop shooting the ball you’re gonna put up some stats.  Perfectly fun for what it is, which is Alec Baldwin playing a talking baby while a PCP fever dream/nightmare explodes around him for 90 minutes.

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