365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Brave New Year Edition- Week 17

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

Back home, and spending the weekend with some (fairly) wide releases.  All is well, outside of that April snow…

73.  A Quiet Place

Who would have imagined Jim had this in him?  I liked The Hollars better than most, but I couldn’t have imagined the level of skill he displays here as essentially a silent film and horror director rolled into one.  Perhaps a bit too in debt to the films that clearly inspired it, but audacious and entirely effective all the same.  Two Beers.

74. Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson delivers another delightful confection of symmetrical design, witty banter, and sneaky but powerful dashes of heart.  As a cat person, I can’t in good conscience go higher than this, but I will say this is even more of a bravura accomplishment than The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and that is, of course, saying something.  Two Beers.

75. Game Over, Man

I will follow the Workaholics crew wherever they go, but as often is the case, the liberation from TV ratings restrictions results in too much of a good thing (or just… too much.  Let’s never speak of that Always Sunny movie).  What sets this apart is the pure unadulterated glee these three have with thumbing easy fun at action tropes and just going as gross as they can imagine to go.  Three Beers.

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